RandomX is an interactive experiment based on real-time 3d scanning.
It is programmed in Processing and scanned via Kinect(X-Box).
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LampSYSTEM is a project that blends existing systems and computation to breed a new emergent one.

(assemblage in progress)
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Y in MARK28!

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This image was worked from picture taken with a Lomo FishEye.
Scanned, ran the script, printed in 12 A3 and pasted on the wall at home.
The script is displaying randomly 6 words of a certain sentence.
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The DreamWeaver project is currently being exhibited and the 4th Architectural Beijing Biennalle (and previously exhibited at the Design HUB Museum in Barcelona).

The Dreamweaver project explores the emergence of an architectural system through a symbiotic recyclage of technology(knitting machines) and material(plastic, yearn, copper, etc).
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